How Secure Is It to Use AvaTrade?

Many people see the security aspect as the most important factor in choosing a broker. Surely, they are right and this must be one of the top factors. You must be sure the company or person you trust your money with is legit and reliable. You cannot always predict the outcome of the trading deals but you have to know that your money is safe while a broker has it. One of the most well-known international traders is AvaTrade. Today, we’ll make a short Avatrade review and discuss how secure it is.

Security measures AvaTrade offers

The company has been in business for over 13 years. One of the reasons for such a long successful history is the high level of security they offer. What they actually have:

  1. 256-bit SSL encryption
  2. True-Site identity assurance seal
  3. McAfee Secure (Hacker Safe)

Aside from that, the company has been licensed by many countries in Europe and Africa as well as Japan, Australia. This means that it’s regulated by the laws and it follows all financial and security guidelines provided by the regulating bodies.

Is it worth your attention?

We’ve already seen how secure it is. However, choosing a broker is not only about security. You should take into account other factors as well. And one of those factors is customer support. AvaTrade devotes much time, effort, and money to provide their client with the top-level of customer support. The award-winning service is ready to help you any time by phone, email, Twitter, or live chat.

Now it’s up to you to make the conclusion and decide whether you’d like to work with such a company.


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