Try a silver account Trodax

Trodax offers you to purchase one of three possible accounts: bronze, silver or gold. More information is on the link If we proceed from the cost, then the price of using a silver account is an average of $ 39 per month. What gives you the use of a silver account? Firstly, you can always count on 24/7 online technical support directly from our website or via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Telegram, as well as receiving notifications through them. You will also have access to a full automatic trading mode on the Trodax platform, the choice of filters, strategies. Besides, you will get 10 manual and 5 automated C.A.T.’s, 2 access the exchange (API keys), dedicated IP address.

Trodax developers have found that the most diffused problems of users encounter are that many traders who using the system do not have their own account for Trodax. It is not correct in terms of trading, because there may be some difficulties with the operation of algorithms if several people trade from the same account. Therefore, each user must have their own account to avoid the challenges in the future.

To make sure of this, you can make a small check by creating an account both for yourself and for the system bot, register a transaction and continue to do something for example for a month, and then compare the results. Trodax platform has an interesting trick: a user who surpasses a trading bot will receive a subscription to gold free.

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