All That You Need To Know About Chess

64 black and white squares, 16 pieces, and a king. Who wins? Chess is a board game that involves strategy and quick thinking by the two players. It is said to have originated from “Chaturanga” and is played by millions around the world.

Playing methodology

Each of the pieces have their unique moves with the least powerful piece being the pawn. The queen is the most powerful as she is capable of moving in any direction. The game aims to checkmate the king of the opponent. The pieces must move, attack and capture the pieces of the opponent while simultaneously supporting each other. Apart from a checkmate, the game ends when the opponent resigns. If it is a timed game, the game will automatically end when the time is up. Apart from this, there are many possibilities for the game to end in a draw.

Building your strategy

In the game of chess, you must always have a long term strategy at hand. Most of these strategies involve maneuver following the moves of your opponent which you can determine based on your previous gameplay. The game of chess is divided into the following three phases:

l Opening: It consists of the first ten moves in the game. This is the phase where the pieces are moved to positions that are useful for the battle.

l Middle game: This is the phase of the battle which will determine the outcome.

l Endgame: At this stage most of the pieces are gone and pawn promotions are commonplace with the king running for his life.

Websites like will help you make your winning moves for the game of chess. When you have a chess bot backing your moves, there is no way you can lose!


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