How to invest in Switzerland?

Today, Switzerland is known as a country with a fairly stable economy regulated by law; therefore, quite often different types of enterprises prefer to invest in Switzerland, and entrepreneurs increasingly create companies in this country. In addition, foreign companies/entrepreneurs (non-residents) have their headquarters in Switzerland, even if they have enough units in their country.

When a business is very developed in a country, this means that business enterprises or investments will undoubtedly be surrounded by high growth rates and increased profits.

Another way to invest considered the acquisition of an existing company. If you have any questions about investing in Switzerland or setting up a Swiss company, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will help, provide advice or give you the answer to any question online, go to the official website

Where to invest in Switzerland?

If you are creating, especially for the first time, you will encounter some things that you should pay attention to, for example, each of the cantons differs in tax laws and rules. For example, cantons may differ significantly in corporate tax rates. Use the help of lawyers to avoid problem situations.

There is an opinion that in some cantons, it is more profitable to make investments, for example, the well-known Neuchatel is also considered to be a powerful “silicon valley”, including Zug. This is the business card of investing in Switzerland.


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