Interesting facts about nails and their care

Nails are an interesting part of the human body. It is necessary, to begin with the fact that nail plates begin to develop in a mother’s womb – in the third month of pregnancy. Like hair, they consist of keratin, a special type of protein. During the prenatal period, nail growth is accelerated. Overall, children have faster nail growth than adults do.


  • Absolutely varied factors can slow down the growth of nail plates – taking certain medications, stress, metabolic disorders, strict diets, etc.
  • In winter and autumn, nails grow more slowly compared to the summer and spring months.
  • Right-handers have faster nail growth on the right hand and left-handers on the left one. Besides, the plates on the thumb and the little finger grow the slowest. And the fastest nail growth is on the middle finger.
  • For strong and healthy nail growth, you need to use oils and it is better to cover the nails and cuticle with oil at bedtime because nails grow faster at night. If you can’t find your most appropriate oil, you can choose any at kodiprofessional.
  • The average speed of nail growth is about 1 mm per week. Not only the use of oils can speed up the process. But also such activities as playing the piano and frequent work at the computer help to do it because of the so-called massage effect.
  • French manicure is the most popular one and it has been appeared not in France, but in Hollywood. It was created as the design that can fit any clothing.

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