The Most Expensive Ingredients in Perfume

In case you wonder why the prices on perfumes differ so much, the article below is sure to be very helpful. The difference between the perfumes that only princesses can afford to wear and the ones that can be bought on the average salary lies in the ingredients. It depends on how rare they are. Let’s find out more about the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world.

Top 4 expensive ingredients

Perfumes use rose oil a lot. Although it seems like a common inexpensive ingredient, Bulgarian rose will cost you up to $200 per 1/8 of an ounce! It takes 10 000 pounds of rose petals to make a pound of high-quality oil.

Another extremely expensive ingredient is orris. This oil is created from the iris bulb. It’s extremely hard and expensive to produce this ingredient making it one of the top3 expensive ones in the world. You’ll need one ton of bulbs and 5 years to make 4 pounds of the precious orris.

Oud is made from the agar tree and is very rare. There are about 2% or agar trees that can actually produce it. That’s why it’s almost 2 times more expensive than gold. That’s why a bottle of Kilian’s Rose Oud Perfume will cost you about $500.

The most expensive ingredient is the musk. However, in order to get it, you need to kill a male musk deer first. That’s why many companies create synthetic versions.


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