Get Active Instagram Followers And Replace Real-Life Validation?

The part of your brain that seeks social acceptance and validation is fragile. While real-life compliments are healthy and nurturing, getting them online is a form of addiction that just leaves you craving for more. As a result, people often put on fake fronts on Instagram to get a hike in their numbers. We show our best sides, we escape our comfort zones, we make ourselves uncomfortable all for the sake of numbers that hold absolutely zero importance in our real lives. It is like selling yourself. This is the part where we need to draw a line. We need to stop clicking pictures that are ‘Insta-friendly’ and click more of what would retain your memories. Virtual lives can complement reality, but they cannot become a substitute for it.

The second side of the coin

For an average person, to get active instagram followers to hold little or no importance in their real lives. However, for people who showcase their work like paintings, music, fashion and others on Instagram, the effect of the feature being removed would be huge. Their incomes would go down and after some time, their popularity might become bland for a person who cannot see exactly how successful their work has been.


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