You can’t do without custom CRM from Rubyroid Labs

If you are interested in the most advanced custom CRM solution from Rubyroid Labs, you need to get familiar with this article.

Indisputable reasons to opt for this custom CRM

The vast majority of companies that have been operating in their niche are already considering an idea of developing their own CRM solution. On the other hand, ready-made CRM products don’t necessarily need to be worse than something developed by businesses on their own, especially if they are 100% customized. A typical example is a CRM custom product from Rubyroid Labs. You can view this source if you are interested.

Now let’s cycle through great advantages of this product for your business.

Enjoy making changes on the go

As a business owner, you certainly know that from time to time you have to rapidly make changes in your undertaking, such as the introduction of personalized discounts or the necessity to have your payment details edited. What about your intention to change prices for certain products? Unfortunately, the user interface of some generic CRM products may not allow you to do this. You don’t want to deal with such magic stuff as Java or C#, do you?

That’s why you require Ruby on Rails CRM. In this case, by simply launching an exact copy of your RoR CRM, you can make all the necessary changes on the go.

Effective data processing

The use of any CRM suggests managing various charts, reports, spreadsheets. To cope with this stuff, you require an effective tool. For example, you can rely on so-called object-relational mapping or ORM, for short. Using this tool from Rubyroid Labs, you can effectively have your date converted as it’s transferred from one system to another.

Feel free to implement non-standard solutions

The Ruby on Rails framework allows you to introduce any feature, even the most innovative and revolutionary ones. Feel free to add new types of graphs, reports as well as other features. The flexible architecture of the Ruby on Rails solution enables to do this with a couple of clicks. If you are interested, view


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