Electrolux Laundry Equipment

Electrolux brand produces many types of products around the world, among which there is laundry equipment, besides this, is one of the primary specializations of the company. Electrolux produces high-quality professional laundry equipment that is used in laundries and dry cleaners, is installed on a turnkey basis and has been working for many years. A complete list of products for large and small washes can be found on the official website. The company also produces drying and ironing units as well as other accessories to the primary goods.

The products of the Electrolux brand are used for various purposes: for arranging laundries, they can be equipped almost everywhere, ranging from small hotels, clubs (for example, sports, wellness, rest homes), to large enterprises.

Electrolux team

The exclusivity of our equipment and the difference among other brands lies in high quality, reliability, and long-term use. The Electrolux brand is known as a supplier of laundry machines at the best conditions for customers. Our team not just sell but also provide other services including help in installation, giving advice on choosing a product model, as well as the delivery and replacement of material parts.

Besides, Electrolux offers its users a big range of control programs, produces additional aids to help with transportation, sorting or other processes. The official partner who is engaged in the distribution of production worldwide is Maran Projekt GmbH.


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